Some inspiration

I’ve always appreciated the creativity and endless possibilities of photography. From a minimalist to an extravagant photo shoot, I love it all. Looking at other photographer’s work fuels my own creativity. I’ve found so many photographers over the years and here are some that you should definitely check out.

1) – I found Lara Jade through Deviant Art when she was gaining popularity and her work at such a young age was truly amazing and inspiring. Her old website was flash and it was very well done but now has changed into more of an editorial layout.


2) – Emma Rothera of Your Beautiful is an amazing landscape photographer. Crisp images with personality, she captures nature beautifully.


3) – Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer whose clients include many well-known actors and actresses. Viewers can see the experience and talent through his photos.


4) – Anna Kuperberg and Beth have been photographers for over 20 years. They specialize in weddings, portraits, kids and dogs.


5) – Chris Phelps (not sure if he’s related to Michael Phelps =p) has a tumblr-like feel to his web site. His photos are scattered but it meshes well together.


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